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Moscow Calling


In a career spanning forty years, Angus Roxburgh lived and worked in Russia as a literary translator, as Moscow correspondent of the Sunday Times and the BBC, and as a media consultant to the Kremlin. He witnessed Russian history unfolding at first hand – from the darkest days of communism and the Cold War, through the exhilaration of Gorbachev’s perestroika reforms and the chaos of Yeltsin’s rebuilding of capitalism, to the authoritarian Russia of Putin.

Moscow Calling is his story of those momentous years. Part history, part travelogue, it takes the reader from the muddy suburbs of communist Moscow to the corridors of Putin’s Kremlin, from the Baltic to Siberia, from artists' studios to the war-zone of Chechnya. Written with passion and humour, and a deep knowledge of the experiences and concerns of ordinary Russians, it is the essential background for understanding Russia today.

Shortlisted for Saltire Society Non-Fiction Book of the Year, 2018

"An absolutely magnificent book ... I haven't read any book that so perfectly captures the atmosphere of life in the Soviet Union/Russia" 

Michael Binyon, former Times Diplomatic Correspondent


The Strongman

Vladimir Putin and the Struggle for Russia


Shortlisted for International Affairs Book of the Year, Political Book Awards 2012



“The considerable value of this book lies in [Roxburgh's] painstaking and empathetic effort to understand how Mr Putin came to power, why many Russians still support him today, and how the West's approach to Russia has helped to shape his rule.”

The Wall Street Journal


“... admirable even-handedness and insight.”  The Independent

“Best Russia book I've read in ages.” Shaun Walker, The Guardian


Harmonies for One

Music CD or download



“A collection of heartfelt, self-penned songs ... an emotive mix that touches on     themes of love, heartache and social commentary”  The Sunday Herald